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Paolo Albertoni DJ

Paolo Albertoni DJ
Artist Name
The Discographiques
Music Styles
Soulful House, Deep House, Disco, Soul

Paolo Albertoni DJ  Bio / Discography

Words can only describe Paolo Albertoni’s approach to music and dj-ing in a very limited way. A true music lover, Paolo is well known for not compromising his commitment to the art, and respects where the word passion lives in the music. From his monumental records collection reaching over 10,000 records, his selection includes mostly groovy and eclectic soulful house, with a very distinctive disco groove. He definitely presents his best in full DJ sets where he can show his wide range of taste and knowledge in music.

From 1995 to 2010 Paolo was the resident DJ and music coordinator of the famed Pelican Hotel & Restaurant owned by Diesel Jeans, in Miami Beach.

Paolo has performed with some of the very best, this includes from 1998 to 2008 he Frank’ O Moiraghi, collaborated on the “Positive” party, during the Winter Music Conference in Miami Beach, considered by many to be one of the best house/disco parties in Miami Beach.

In January 2002 he was one of the founding partners of EMUNITY RECORDS. Many productions have appeared in countless compilations from Cafe del Mar Vol. 9, to Cafe’ Solaire, Tea House in Japan, Ibizoo in Spain, and Sheeva Lounge 2 in Italy, that included the track Noghotime “Ultralite”.

Paolo has been a rotating resident DJ at Segafredo Lincoln Road, one of the most popular and influential bar/lounges in Miami Beach.

His is monthly night “Discoteca” combines disco and soul classics with the most uplifting classic house sound.

His brotherly friendship with DJ Aladdin has brought them together collaborating many epic DJ sets.

The new chapter for these two “soul brothers’ has unveiled The Discographiques at WMC 2017 for “What da funk” party at the Compton Yard in Miami Beach, called by many “one of the most unexpected, fun, groovy, amazing” parties of 2017.

Together The Discographiques have branded “Discos Revenge” Miami with monthly dance parties at The New Yorker Patio Bar – See event schedule for dates.

The Discographiques are bringing back the best of disco, soul and funk with lots of smiles and contagious dancing feet.

Among Paolo’s notable residencies:

MTV Beach House  Scheveninghen, The Netherland – Resident dj and musical director Summer 1997

Bash Club Miami Beach resident for the 1997/8 season

Tantra   Miami Beach 1998 – 1999

Bar Room  Miami Beach July 1999  February 2000

Bambu Lounge Miami Beach 2000/2001

Jazid     Miami Beach  from1999 to 2007

Mynt Lounge – Thursday’s, Miami Beach 2001

Special appearances:

Nightspot Montreal, Canada 1996

Buonanotte Montreal, Canada 1996

Float, New York City 1999

Liquid Room, West Palm Beach, 1999/2000

Crobar, Miami Beach, January 2000

Lipton Ice Beach Lounge, grand opening – The Netherlands, May 2000

Movida, grand opening – Jesolo Lido, Italy, May 2000

Max Max – Italy September 2000

Bobbadilla House Club, Bergamo, Italy September 2000

Opium Garden, Pre Opening Party, Miami Beach March 2001

Nikki Beach, Miami Beach April 2001

Andalu, Washington D.C. October 2001

Diesel U-Music Launch Party, Miami Beach March 2002

Diesel Fashion Show, February 2005

Mobilia, NYC 2004

Safe Harbor party at South Hampton, NY 2005

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