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Gota Rai

Gota Rai

Gota Rai  Bio / Discography

Gota Rai , a Dj , producer , musician and radio host who is been in the music industry for more then 20 years….

As a Dj you certainly won’t find an artist with a better potential to transpose the many different musical genres into a marvelous standard of grooves full of feelings.

His comprehension of what we should call the phonographic culture lies much ahead than the common ones. His work is forged with a mixture of jazz, soul, tech, broken beats, deep house and the new electronic jazz fusion, Gota Rai has proved to be a very eclectic and open minded soul.

The musical conception of Gota Rai can be explained by the depths of his backgrounds. Wirth all of his influences mixed together in a unique sound with no limits of style, and his combination of soul, tech,deep house,disco and groove will always be worth listening.

Gota has produced realeses and remixes for labels such as : Hot Stuff , Apersonal Records, Playa Music, Galaktika Records, Gain Recordings, Iguana Records, Frequencia 10:20 , Elegante Dizcos.

Gota Rai is now an addition to the A&R Develoment of Emerge Recordings and True Tone Records Family!

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