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DJ Aladdin

DJ Aladdin
Artist Name
The Discographiques, Souldub Quartet, Captain Scarlet
San Francisco Bay Area, Miami
Music Styles
Soulful House, Deep House, Afro House, Nu Disco
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DJ Aladdin  Bio / Discography

DJ Aladdin

Dj & Producer, Remixer and label Head on self found imprint emerge recordings.

Aladdin hails from the San Francisco Bay Area, and has now found home in Miami Beach. Where he has solidified his roots into a local DJ hero.

As a child growing up Eddie-Rey aka Aladdin was exposed to a melting pot of musical sounds such as Soul, Funk, Disco & Rock, thus developing a wide rage of musical tastes.
Aladdin and his brother Tony would secretly remove the parent’s turntable player from the living room to a secret place in their home to play records.
They would emulate the sounds heard coming from the radio on then local radio mix shows: KDIA fm radio, Mixmaster Michael Erickson (Oakland California) & KSOL fm radio Mixmaster Cameron Paul (San Francisco).
The sounds they would try to duplicate were often described as abusive & looping sounds from the tweaking of the needle.
Today it is known as mixing and scratching…This would be the beginning of a venture created by musical fate.

As a DJ Aladdin has played everything from early hip hop, soul, funk, freestyle, Disco & very early electronic music by pioneers such as Kraftwerk, Mantronik, Masters at Work, and others.

Aladdin’s music is embodied by all of these genres, and infuses bits and peices of his musical experience into his musical production. His portfolio of releases can be found on Emerge Recordings, United Music Records, Audio Bite Records, True Tone Records, Cabana Recordings and more.

An attendance to weekly underground house music parties injected a compulsive habit to collect house music. He soon became one these unsung house music heroes that so passionately conducted the dance floor.
Realizing in order to play the music he loved he would have to go underground and began organizing his own parties.
One of Aladdin’s claims to fame was San Jose’s very first early morning after hour party “eMERGE” @ ” 301 Stockton ” Founded & owned by longtime friend Paul Orozco.
“eMERGE” became the longest running underground weekly after hour party in the south bay.

It was not long after this blazing trail he was asked to create a house music mixshow on 93.7 fm radio (1 of the Bay Area’s first pirated radio station’s)
“Underground transmissions” show would last a strong five years and spiraled weekly gigs and long running residencies among the south bay and San Francisco noted as: Dimensions, Big Heart City, 238 Columbus, 330 Ritch, Back Flip hotel, Club Ibiza, The Usual, Blue Lagoon, Holy Cow, Kelly’s mission rock, Cyberfest, Cool Word, Echo, Metropolis, Martel & Nabiel’s “Séance, ” and since his arrival to South Florida Miami’s Winter music conference, Jade Miami, Rumi Miami, Bed Miami, ” Jerry Kelly’s ” State club Miami, and Aquabooty rotating resident and much more.

DJ Aladdin is noted to be one of Miami’s local favorite DJ, he currently holds down a 17 year long present weekly residency at the famed watering well Segafredo Lincoln Rd. in Miami Beach.
In an addition to his involvement in the Miami Beach music scene he is responsible for the week long events at Segafredo Lincoln Road during the full week of Miami’s Winter music conference,: Winter music conference is a week long electronic music conference. which attracts over 50,000 music moguls. http://www.wintermusicconference.com/

His persistent drive & talent has captured many in the house music community, and has established local residencies and close working relationships with some of Miami’s infamous dance music promoters: Aquabooty.

Always delivering an energy packed soulful DJ set on the dance floor, you can expect being taken on a journey as DJ Aladdin tells a story through his turntable poetry.
Aladdin says he still prefers a “true house music” crowd, but he still enjoys educating the ones that are not.
“A lot of times i am playing for myself, I know that sounds selfish but if the music is good & I set the vibe the crowd will follow”
“And some of the time its about where i am playing and what i am playing, cause to me it just seems like sort of an inner soul experience, like take for example the 6 senses, one of those is sound and I believe your hearing has a lot to do with how people are in this day and age, & how it affects that very moment… stimulating the mind & Body”. “I believe its one of the way to your soul”.
Music just sets your soul free, Music makes people feel good, and i like to make people feel good”.

His most recent collaboration with fellow colleague Paolo Albertoni, and backed by exclusive sponsor Blackwell Rum, to date is making a mark in the dance music circuit known as “Discos Revenge” Miami. This event host’s a barrage of eclectic classic dance music such as Disco, Nu Disco, Funk, classic Soul, and 90’s House Classics can also be heard on emerge recordings newest sister born label “True Tone Records.

The Discographiques have branded “Discos Revenge” Miami with monthly dance parties at The New Yorker Patio Bar – See event schedule for dates.

The Discographiques

Label affiliations:

emerge recordings
United music records
Cabana recordings
Audiobite Records
Deep haven music
El otro mundo
Piratebrain records
Mixed signals music
Simmer recordings



Can Make Sound Ep – DJ Aladdin & DJ Podge – Can Make Sound – Vinyl Only 2001

Can Make Sound Ep – DJ Aladdin & DJ Podge – My Sound Computes – Vinyl Only Release – 2004

Hashbrown Ep – DJ Aladdin & DJ Podge – Hashbrown – Vinyl Only Release – 2004

DJ Aladdin Remix – El Otro Mundo Records – Promo Only – 2005

It’s time to think about it – DJ Aladdin Soul’d out remix – Piratebrain Records Vinyl Only Release – 2005

Funk your Feel – DJ Aladdin & Captain Scarlet – Vinyl Only Release – 2006

Another day in Paradise EP – Souldub Quartet – emerge recordings – 2007

When Love comes – Martin Mamzer feat. Suzanne Alt – Souldub Quartet Afrorub Remix – Cabana Recordings – 2008

Feel the real – David Bendeth – Dj Aladdin Edit – 2008

Give me the Edit – Quentin Harris feat, Margaret Grace & Shannon DJ Aladdin Edit – 2009

Hopelessley – Soul Child feat Swaylo – Souldub Quartet Remix – United Music Records – 2010

The Lesson – Motivacao Feat. Sidea – DJ Aladdin Soul’d Out Remix – Mixed Signals Music – 2010

The Way Back – Souldub Quartet Afrorubrub Remix – Piratbrain records – 2011

Rumba inda Samba – Souldub Quartet – emerge recordings – 2012

Your Mine & Soul – Souldub Quartet – emerge recordings – 2012

One a Dance – Kitchen Garden – Souldub Quartet Remix – United Music Records – 2012

Hopelessly – SoulChild feat: Swaylo – Souldub Quartet Remix – United Music Records – 2013

Subversive Material – DJ Aladdin Afrorub Mix – David Moore – Audiobite Records – 2016

Barry’s Groove – DJ Aladdin – True Tone – Scheduled Release 2019

Love tells no lies – DJ Aladdin – emerge recordings – Scheduled Release 2019

Aqua Drum – DJ Aladdin – emerge recordings – Scheduled Release 2019

Whatever you Need – DJ Aladdin feat Sidea – 2020


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